Live video Production and Streaming for your music events

No more waiting! It's time to take an innovative step towards digitalization to create music events in a more appealing way to reach the audience effectively. With TUBICON, the innovative app for live production and streaming, you are able to produce live music videos everywhere and at any time without any additional equipment costs. Reach your audience with your professional live production tool in real time and HD and stream your live videos to social media or your website, so your fans can follow your music events online.

TUBICON illustration for music events


Live Music production with tubicon

3 events in 3 weeks at 3 different locations - Using TUBICON, TESLA Coffee & Concept organized three live music events with the band Hot Mess in a short period of time without extensive preparation and at low production costs. With the live video production and streaming app TUBICON, these events could take place in an innovative and easy way.

Event 1 - Studio production

Event 2 - Bus tour

Event 3 - Viennese Prater


The only equipment you need

Equipment for music events